Iowa Employer Business & Community Development Coord. in AMES, Iowa

This position will be responsible for the day to day sales, public relations, and marketing for the Iowa Branch. This position will report directly to the Director of Sales & Marketing. This is a part-time base + bonus position and will be based in the Ames Iowa Branch.Primary Tasks:Community & Business Development: The majority of time (75%) for this position will be responsible for walk in visits to all referral sources for the company in every city we serve and document in SalesForce. Every business should be visited in each city served. Examples are; hotels, travel agents, convention and visitors bureau, Chamber of Commerce, senior centers, bank tour groups, and especially corporate accounts. This position will be responsible for timely and professional follow up to all appointments; as well as submitting a weekly written sales report to the Director of Sales & Marketing. The Community & Business Development Coordinator will be required to wear company logo wear to visits and functions.Marketing: It will be expected that to be successful in this position the team member will participate in public events in the major communities we serve. These events can be Chamber of Commerce, United way, or other non-profit causes that will be attended in great numbers. Skills and CharacteristicsIndependent worker: The nature of the position is that you are out of the office on a daily basis. The Community & Business Development Coordinator must work independently and be effective with little supervision. Excellent written and verbal communication skills: This position will be in the public on a day-to-day basis presenting the company to prospective referral sources (travel agents, hotels, etc). This position will also be making personal visits to various entities and will be responsible for written follow up weekly. Computer Skills: This position requires the need to be comfortable learning industry software for reservations, dispatch, private portals and reporting. This position also requires the need to be comfortable in business software including Microsoft office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and SalesForce as well as internet search engines and email. Travel and Transportation: Due to the large size of our geographic area, there may be days that require leaving before business hours or arriving back after business hours. All appointments will be made using a company logoed vehicle. This vehicle will potentially change on a daily basis due to business needs. As a company driver, this position must meet all requirements of the Department of Transportation for a professional driver. This will include passing a criminal background check, review of driving record, and drug/alcohol testing.Length of Term and Pay:This is a part-time base + bonus position scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours/week, which may include weekends. Compensation will be based on combined experiences of above skills and characteristics. Bonus pay will be available based on meeting required weekly visits.Flexibility to work various shifts.