Iowa Employer Cashier in CARROLL, Iowa

National Career Readiness Certification preferred. Contact IowaWORKS for more information.This position is responsible for assisting in the operation of a department. An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties throughout the facility as assigned and/or as necessary.Essential FunctionsAn individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.Maintains area of responsibility in accordance with company policies and procedures by properly handling claims and returns, zoning the area, arranging and organizing merchandise/supplies, identifying shrink and damages, and ensuring a safe work environment. Provides customer service by acknowledging the customer, identifying customer needs, assisting with purchasing decisions, locating merchandise, resolving customer issues and concerns, and promoting products and services, while maintaining a safe shopping environment. Operates equipment, such as cash registers and related tools, to process customer purchases using appropriate procedures for different payment types and items sold. Process customer transactions, operates register equipment, meets front-end performance goals, bags items for customer, and places items in customer cart while following all shrink and safety procedures.CompetenciesAn individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of the position.Judgment: Uses policies, procedures, and/or guides to make good choices. Uses data and facts in order to make day-to-day decisions and involves others as needed. Recognizes what might be a problem and informs those who can correct it.Point of sale: Follows proper procedures to prevent shrink and follows applicable laws and regulations when selling items to customers. Assists customers with payment methods, return policies and location of items when asked. Uses the cash register and completes customer sales in a timely manner. Reports complaints, shrink sales, and problems with products, services and work areas.Customer Centered: Cashier - shows care and concern when serving our associates and customers. Asks questions in order to understand and meet associate and customer needs. Uses policies and information in order to exceed associate and customer expectations. Finds and uses the right resources (people, products, tools) at the right time in order to resolve customer requests.Adaptability: Cashier adapts to changing work demands. Stays focused on own work when faced with change or difficulties. Stays open to and learns from feedback.Execution and Results: Cashier - ensures work is done correctly. Works on top priorities first. Makes a consistent effort to get results. Meets deadlines. Takes action in order to solve problems so work can be completed in a timely manner.Front End follows proper procedures to prevent shrink when monitoring, cleaning and stocking the front end area. Keeps the front end area clean, monitors loss control, and helps customer find, purchase, and load items in a timely manner. Reports complaints, shrink issues, and problems with front end products, services and work area. Uses front end equipment and stocks supplies in correct ways.Planning and Improvement: Plan for and improve work. Accepts responsibility and meets expectations for own work. Identifies steps needed in order to carry out work as required.Influence and Communicate: Share information. Listens to others and asks questions to learn about what is needed. Communicates the right information to associates and leaders when they need it. Communicates in a respectful and professional manner.Ethics and compliance: Perform to ethical standards. Follows company policies and procedures. Shows integrity and ethical behavior in all work situations. Reports ethical and compliance issues promptly.Physical ActivitiesThe following p