Looking for both full cooks who are passionate about cooking great food for our customers. Will need to arrive to work on time and be well groomed in a clean uniform for every shift. Will adhere to uniform standards and dress code. Will follow all safety, sanitation, and employee guidelines. Follow day prep par sheet and complete all duties assigned. Will set up sani-buckets and maintain a clean work area during the shift. Will follow proper food rotation and understand how to date and label all items (both prepped and unprepped). Will need to strictly adhere to recipes and procedures when preparing and cooking food items. Cook and plate menu items according to recipe specs and ticket time guidelines. Will practice "clean as you go" techniques to avoid cross contamination. Assist and complete the daily line checklist for shift readiness. Will complete requirements of job without constant supervision and must be able to use a scale for proper portioning. Will calibrate bio-thermometers and scales for accurate results. Must follow all HACCP food safety guidelines for heating and cooling of food products. Assist in checking in, unloading, dating, rotating, and storage of all delivered products. Will demonstrate a positive attitude at all times and must be willing to help out where needed. Assisting other employees to complete tasks during the shift and dump trash/cardboard from kitchen into proper receptacles in the back of the restaurant. Minimal requirements include: food handler certification (or other state approved program if required), previous kitchen experience preferred but not required, continuous standing/bending/lifting/carrying times up to 60 pounds, exposure to heat, ability to read recipes in English, understand measuring ingredients by weight and volume, operate a slicer for cutting meats/cheese/vegetables, must be able to operate grill and other kitchen equipment , team player, hard worker, and honest