PYRA, LLC Lead Pizza Maker in NORWALK, Iowa

The Lead Pizza Maker is considered to be a full-time position. In addition to carrying out all of the duties of the Pizzaiolo, The Lead Pizza Maker will be in charge of the oven. They will ensure that the supply of fuel wood is fully stocked. They will build the fire 60-90 minutes before the restaurants opening in order to bring it up to temperature (800i F). The Pizzaiolo will be the in-charge pizza maker. Pizza dough will be a primary focus of their attention. They will be responsible for making the correct amount of dough for the next days operation. They will be vigilant in monitoring the doughfor the daily operation to make sure that the correct amount of dough is brought out of the cooler at the appropriate time so as to be adequately proofed when needed, but not to be over-proofed and thus wasted.