PYRA PIZZERIA Server - Full-time in NORWALK, Iowa

The focus of a server during operating hours will be to attend to our customers. Friendliness and sincerity are a must. Duties will include, but are not limited to: taking food and drink orders; entering them into the POS system and coordinating with the pizza kitchen and the prep kitchen to make sure that food is "fired" at the correct time to ensure that items are served to our customers at appropriate, timed intervals. Organization and the ability to multitask are keys to being successful in this role. Servers will generally be in charge of pouring and serving their customers drinks as well as serving their customers food. Servers may also be responsible for bussing their own tables. Servers, who work until close, will participate in the clean-up of the restaurant before leaving for the evening. The full-time server position will entail more than the part-time server, and will be compensated differently than the part-time server, as not all of a full-time servers time will be spent waiting on customers. The full-time servers job responsibilities may include prep work in the kitchen as well as in the dinning room. Note: The full-time server may rotate as a host one to two times per week, and may be called upon to work occasionally as a "drinks" server, assisting servers who are not yet 18 years of age.