ASPEN API INC Production Operator in SIOUX CITY, Iowa

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:* Follows all health, safety and environmental rules and procedures, use safe work practices. * Digest the raw material per instructions on batch record.* Separate the fat based on experience and knowledge gained from previous batches.* Elute the heparin from the ion-exchange resin bed per instructions on the batch record.* Complete all Safety and Environmental training modules on time and apply knowledge to work environment.* Position, unload and rinse out tanker trucks and park empty tankers in lot. * Cross Train with Shift Foreman - Review training/processes annually. * Dilute the eluate and adjust the dilution system to deliver the proper ratio of eluate to water to allow the resin to safely adsorb the heparin.* Elute the heparin from the second ion-exchange resin bed and transfer eluate to the HCR room for Nanoconcentration of the heparin. Optional Load the concentrate into the shipping tote when Nanofilter run is done Rinse and clean Nanofilter Prepare and place labels and paperwork .Job Specifications:* Must be able to perform mathematical calculations necessary to the process. * Work requires walking, climbing stairs and ladders more than 50% of the time. * Work requires lifting on a limited basis. * Work requires working at elevated levels, and areas of high and low ambient temperatures Equal Opportunity Employer.