iIndependently removes plastic parts from team's injection molding machines or conveyors and inspects the parts for quality defects.iIndependently trims, clips and assembles parts as is specified by job operation sheets, then packages parts in boxes.iProtects molds, performs assembly or secondary operations as required, and assists the team and rest of shift in any manner needed.iLabels boxes and stacks skids with filled boxes for shipping. Independently completes production reports as directed.iCooperates with members of team, communicating ideas and concerns in a positive results oriented manner.iMaintain a clean, safe work area.iAttend work on time, as scheduled.Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Ability to perform simple math functions for production counts and down time. Ability to follow written directions on key point cards and job operation sheets. Ability to communicate in a courteous manner when dealing with other people. Ability to work independently without constant supervision. Ability to accurately determine whether a manufactured part conforms to quality specifications.Education and Experience: Previous injection molding experience preferred. Previous experience with quality and manufacturing related functions preferred.