pEssential Functions:iEnsure presses are supplied with proper material, cartons, and components to run the scheduled job. Also, make sure all materials are properly covered.Clean hoppers, empty drawers of regrind from grinders into gaylords, and move about various work stations in the plant.Check that loaders and dryers are working properly clean filters every shift.Check dryer temperatures and make sure hoppers are filled.Remove finished goods from press area. Inspect for proper labeling, number of boxes per pallet, and load into production trailer.Return unused material or secondary components after weighing, labeling, counting and sealing.iGive breaks for operators as needed.Notify Technician or Maintenance of any equipment, material or set-up problems as they occur.Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Must be able to perform operator functions in order to give breaks. Ability to keep area clean, skids hauled out. Must be able to safely drive a fork truck. Must have knowledge of materials used and good reading and comprehension skills. Ability to communicate in a courteous manner when dealing with other people. Ability to work independently without constant supervision. Must have a valid driveris license.Education and Experience:Previous injection molding experience. Machine operator experience helpful. Fork Truck experience preferred.